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Building & Construction Contract Administration in Brisbane and South East QLD

Building contract administration is a vital component of building and construction project management. It is important that all of the necessary administrative contractual requirements for a construction project are met, both before building commences and during the construction process.

In essence, the building and construction contract is just as important to the success of a project as the plans and the architectural designs. Building contracts can be very long and complicated, composed of many different sections, so it is vital that the contracts are drawn up professionally, so to be as fair as possible to all parties.

Contract administration for construction and building projects

As you know, the law is a very complex issue and building contract management consultants understand the legal and technical issues that can affect the successful completion of a construction project. Building and construction contracts must therefore stipulate the roles and responsibilities of all involved in the construction process. Ensuring that fair and protective contracts are in place at the pre-construction phase, fosters a team commitment towards a successful building completion, both on time and within budget.

At Project and Development Services Pty Ltd we provide a complete construction contract management service along with our independent building certification consultants and our construction project management services.

Unfortunately, we have found that a common problem in the building and construction industry is that a party believes that a provision has been included in the contract, however the contract does not reflect this provision. Other problems concern construction or material delays due to inclement weather, cost escalations and disputes concerning what is and is not included in the contract.

Good contract administration therefore, ensures that all contractual obligations are met, that any disputes are quickly resolved and that the building process moves swiftly to a successful conclusion.

Construction contract administration is specific to each project, but essentially will relate to:

  • The buildings to be constructed
  • The land and the location
  • The building costs and time frame for the construction
  • Materials to be used
  • Rights, responsibilities and duties of all parties
  • Schedules of payments and deliverables
  • Schedules of site and building inspections
  • Warranties, indemnities and any other specific provisions so required

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What are the duties of a construction contract administrator?

The construction contract administrator is a professional who is responsible for administering the construction and building contracts. They are usually appointed by the client or developer of the project and act as their agent. Construction contract consultants can perform the following duties:

  • Invite and process tenders
  • Prepare all contract documents for execution.
  • Ensure that an exchange of contracts takes place.
  • Ensure that all contracts are in place prior to commencement of construction.
  • Seek instruction from the client in relation to any contracts.
  • Review all client documentation or contracts.
  • Inform contractors and subcontractors of their rights and obligations under these contracts.
  • Draft amendments and variations to contracts.
  • Monitor and document all contractual disputes.
  • Provide advice on contractual matters.
  • Review and issue joint venture contracts and agreements.
  • Advise on business structures.
  • Advise and manage developmental applications with local councils and the Land & Environment Court.
  • Attend any tribunals and courts as necessary.
  • Provide insurance claims advice.
  • Assist with and manage claims resolutions.
  • Assist with construction litigation or warranty insurance claims.
  • Review extension of time claims.
  • Assist with disputes concerning contractual variations or time related matters.
  • Ensure that the construction program is progressing as per schedule.
  • Approve progress claims and variations as required.
  • Prepare and issue procurement contracts.
  • Inspection of all works.
  • Ensure that all onsite safety standards are maintained.
  • Chair construction progress meetings.
  • Monitor all payment claims and ensure that they are fair and reasonable.
  • Monitor the progress of the construction.
  • Monitor the building during the Defects Liability period and ensure that all corrective actions are taken and completed.

Building and construction is a team effort that includes contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, planners, project management teams, financers and the owner or developer. All are working towards a common goal, but it is the building contract consultants who ensures that from a legal point of view, the building proceeds smoothly to its conclusion.

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Construction Contract Administration Services

Construction Contract Administration Services in Brisbane QLD

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