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A successful building project close-out means that the construction process has culminated in the timely handover of the building and all associated works, from the contractor and project management team to the owner or developer.

A poorly managed building project close-out can mean years of headaches for the owner or developer, so it is imperative that this process is addressed in the early stages of development.

In order for a successful close-out to take place, the project management team, the independent certifier and the contract administrator must all have worked together, during the construction phase, as a cohesive team with a common goal.

Many of the critical documents required for handover are concerned with the building systems and its design and construction. Addressing the transition from construction to operation of the building is an important part of both the pre-construction and the construction phases of the build.

All documentation that pertains to the operation and maintenance of the building, as well as warranties and insurances must be handed over to the owner, as part of the close-out procedures.

Requirements for a successful building consulting projects close-out

Pre-construction Phase: The original contracts should clearly stipulate what is required for a successful building project close-out.

Construction phase: All deliverables should have been achieved and milestones reached in accordance with the schedule of works. These include:

  • All progress payments have been paid.
  • All compliances met, standards and regulations maintained.
  • All Inspections performed.
  • Engineering reports obtained if applicable.
  • Fire safety certificates obtained.
  • Any required testing certificates obtained.
  • Commissioning reports written and available.
  • All plans on hand and completed.
  • All quality assurance standards met and reports obtained.
  • Deficiencies priced and the work completed.
  • Certificates of occupancy obtained.
  • All warranties and insurances in place.
  • All utilities transferred to the owner’s name.

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A number of pre-completion meetings should be organised during the construction phase to ensure that the building work is on track and to keep everyone focused on the completion date. The contract closeout requirements should be reviewed, including the timing of these requirements, and who is responsible for preparing, conducting and submitting the required documentations.

Supplemental documentation that may be required for a building projects close-out:

  • Machinery start up procedures.
  • Maintenance contracts.
  • Operation and maintenance data.
  • Preventative maintenance instructions.
  • Project record documents.
  • Sustainable design documentation.
  • Facility operations procedures and documents.
  • Facility maintenance and procedures.

Project and Development Services Pty Ltd provide a complete project management team, including independent certifiers, contract administrators and project managers. We manage construction projects from their inception, right through to their completion at the project close-out stage and beyond.

We also have a comprehensive construction consulting projects closeout policy which ensures that the close-out stage proceeds smoothly and we work hard to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied at every phase of the project.

Our construction project close-out services include:

  • Determining the required close-out procedures for the project.
  • Collection and preparation of all project close-out documents.
  • Co-ordination with the owner or developer and the contractor in the preparation of these documents.
  • Co-ordination with the contractor to provide all necessary testing, compliance and statutory documents.
  • Co-ordination with the contractor to ensure all scheduled inspections have occurred.
  • Expedite all processes and procedures for the final building project close-out.
  • Securing a certificate of occupancy.
  • Verifying completion of punch list items.
  • Finalising owner operational and maintenance manuals.
  • Providing a list of project contact personnel.
  • Securing all guarantees, warranties and releases.
  • Ensuring that all contracts are completed.
  • Submitting final applications for payments.
  • A final walk through with the construction and operations managers to ensure that all work is completed and up to the required standards.

A successful construction project close-out commences in the pre-construction phase and continues throughout the construction phase. It requires a co-ordinated planning effort and is an on-going process requiring due diligence and teamwork.

Over the years, our experience has taught us that proactive planning is the best strategy to ensure that the final construction project close-out phase runs smoothly.

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